[Bro] Real-time reporting from multiple sensors to multiple analysis points

Marcin Nawrocki marcin.nawrocki at fu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 3 03:51:39 PDT 2017

Dear bro mailing list,

I have a question regarding the configuration of bro and its real-time 
reporting features.

Right now, I have two sensors (s1, s2), each running one bro node with 
log files rotating every hour. After the rotation, I send the files from 
each sensor to an analysis point (a1) via scp and perform my analysis steps.

My requirements changed now: I want to know what happens on the sensors 
in almost real-time. How do I send reports from (s1,s2) with a max. 
delay of 10 seconds to another analysis point (a2)? The reports can 
still reach (a1) every hour to keep the load low. My intuition tells me, 
that a very low rotation interval and scp are not the best practice here.


Marcin Nawrocki

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