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It’s actually kind of the other way around, a Notice would only be generated if a.xyz.com is not a local domain name (in other words “xyz.com” is not in Site::local_zones) however Bro sees a DNS query/response where that name resolved to a local IP address.

Think rogue DNS… if a Notice is generated by this script, you’re likely seeing an unauthorized DNS server, using a DNS zone you don’t own or manage, resolve A record queries to your local IP addresses.

Site::local_zones and Site::local_nets must be set manually, Bro won’t do this by analyzing traffic.  However, if you populate networks.cfg, Bro will set Site::local_nets for you when it starts up.

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Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017 at 2:26 AM
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Am I correct in saying if xyz.com points to a local IP address but a.xyz.com resolves to an external IP address then the notice is generated.

So both site::local_nets and site::local_zones need to be defined externally in local.bro file using redef statements or does Bro automatically do by analysing traffic.

In addition what does defining the private IP address in the networks.cfg in bro/etc folder do ?


Vikram Basu
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