[Bro] Split-ed connection for some UDP traffic?

fatema bannatwala fatema.bannatwala at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 06:12:50 PDT 2017

Hey all,

Just had a recent case where we started to see in the bro conn logs traffic
originating from src port 389 for some of the systems,
and I scratching my head thinking why would the ldap server initiate the
UDP "connection" (I know that's not a correct term to use here),
looking more into the logs, realized that, it is actually the response from
the server, that Bro is logging in a complete new connection, for example:

1500927487.398576 CLr9ebnHeAYNOGzei  41600
 389  udp  -  93.677712   39999   0   S0   F   T   0   D   597 56715 0 0
1500927487.404591 CapBfs1lhI2XFt4gJb  389
 41600   udp   -   93.672242   1773687   0   S0   T   F   0   D   597
1790403 0 0 (empty)

Here, in the above case, shouldn't Bro be logging only a single connection
with src: and dest:, with History 'Dd' ? or I
might be missing
something important here :)

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