[Bro] Allocating Dynamic Bytestring Length

TQ nothinrandom at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 14:34:20 PST 2018

Hello There,

I have some data that is delimited by a comma, but the data length could
vary in between. For example:

1) A,B,C,D,E

I was thinking of using bytestring inside the record and have it read until
each delimiter... something like...

type My_Data = record {

field1 : bytestring & length=readuntil 0x2c;
field2 : bytestring & length=readuntil 0x2c;
field3 : bytestring & length=readuntil 0x2c;
field4 : bytestring & length=readuntil 0x2c;
field1 : bytestring &restofdata;


Does this feature exist in Bro?  I vaguely remember seeing a readuntil
feature for Bro, but can't pull up the exact info.

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