[Zeek] Official Zeek Community Slack Channel Poll

Richard Bejtlich richard at corelight.com
Wed Oct 16 07:14:17 PDT 2019

Thank you Jan, I will check it out!


On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 9:18 AM Jan Grashöfer <jan.grashoefer at gmail.com>

> Hi Richard,
> On 15/10/2019 15:46, Richard Bejtlich wrote:
> > I checked it out via the Riot Web client, but I couldn't tell if the
> > bridge with the #bro IRC channel worked or not. Furthermore, bridging the
> > channel required having a registered nick with Freenode, which I had to
> > re-activate. Eventually I was able to access Freenode using their Web
> chat,
> > but I don't know if I was able to access #bro as it was quiet.
> in fact it worked assuming you joined as taosecurity. However, you
> already followed an advanced approach by using a bridge to join the IRC
> channel. The fact that you required a registered nick is due to the fact
> that the #bro IRC channel has the +r mode.
> > This is the sort of friction that causes new people to give up on
> chatting
> > about Zeek. Slack at least makes it very easy for new users to learn
> about
> > what happens in a channel.
> So does Matrix, you just tried to join an IRC channel using Matrix. A
> Matrix room essentially works like a Slack channel. An IRC bridge is an
> additional feature to keep IRC folks in the loop (kind of backward
> compatibility if you like).
> > Also, is there a concept of chat history in Matrix? That's one of the
> best
> > features of Slack, in my opinion. Reading back through time is a great
> way
> > to learn.
> Of course Matrix rooms provide a history (e.g. I saw your test message
> although I was not part of the room when you sent it). Furthermore,
> there are different types of bridges. Without going into the details, I
> just created a room in Matrix (#zeek:matrix.org) and bridged it to
> #zeek-test on freenode. If you join that room via Matrix you have access
> to the complete history (including messages sent via IRC). If people
> would like to test additional integrations (Slack, GitHub, RSS, Gitter,
> Discord) just let me know.
> The following link should bring you to the test room:
> https://riot.im/app/#/room/#zeek:matrix.org
> Jan

Richard Bejtlich
Principal Security Strategist, Corelight
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