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On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 1:31 PM Darren S. <phatbuckett at gmail.com> wrote:

> Following up on my brief comments at ZeekWeek, happy to share that we've
>> developed a mapping of Zeek fields to the Elastic Common Schema.  It is
>> posted at https://github.com/corelight/ecs-mapping - looking forward to
>> feedback and of course if there are any issues let us know (big thanks to
>> Richard, cc'd above, for his work as the first deployment!). We'll work to
>> update this as the ECS revs - there are several field they don't have in
>> the schema yet. Happy mapping!
> This is great!
> The project README notes:
> > The mapping can be done using either an ElasticSearch ingest node or
> directly in Kibana
> For users that ingest and enrich through a Logstash pipeline, how does
> this apply? (i.e. would they then have to maintain ingestion content in
> multiple layers)?

Yes it still applies, when Logstash forwards the data to Elastic it will go
through the ingest pipelines and go through ECS.


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