[Zeek] Event namespaces

Jeff Barber jsbarber60 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 11:31:17 PDT 2019

following a code sample, there is the statement:

*This code runs without errors, however, the local my_event handler will
never be called and also not any remote handlers either, even if
Broker::auto_publish was used elsewhere for it. *

My tests have not supported that assertion: the event handler is invoked -
even via auto_publish. If it is so, how/when exactly would it manifest? Are
there other factors that might cause it to be true in some cases? (Say, the
same event name in a different namespace?)

Just trying to figure out how careful I need to be of namespace issues. My
tests have generally shown that if you get the namespace of some script
element wrong, the script parsing stage gives you an 'undefined' right out
of the gate.

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