[Zeek] Decreasing Log Cycle Time

Peter Hallin peter.hallin at ldc.lu.se
Wed Sep 4 08:35:46 PDT 2019

Hello Michael,

In your broctl.cfg file, you can set the rotation interval to 300
seconds with:

LogRotationInterval = 300

Also, if you want to disable gzip on rotation, use this:

CompressLogs = 0



On 2019-09-04 11:03, Michael Gez wrote:
> Hi all,
> If I am not mistaken, Bro/Zeek cycles logs hourly.
> This cycle is causing some unpredictable behavior in my tailing algorithm.
> If i could set it to cycle every 5 minutes rather than on the hour, it
> would be very beneficial to testing and resolving issues.
> Is there a way I can reduce the amount of time Bro takes in between log
> cycles?
> Thanks!

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