[Zeek] Anyone using 40G Intel NIC and PF_RING ZC

Michał Purzyński michalpurzynski1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 13:30:26 PDT 2019

There is no need to use pf_ring on any modern operating Linux version.
Linux has the af_packet packet capture mechanism that does the job really

Our production is based on either Intel's X720 or Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx
cards (any modern Mellanox will do) and the af_packet in a QM mode. That
means card's hardware can do the filtering (and Mellanox is way more
flexible than Intel here) and symmetric hashing, working with af_packet.
BTW Mellanox is cool in yet another way - they happily work with flexoptics
SFP modules, further saving us $$$.

I'm happy to answer all your questions about this setup - so feel free to
ask. You cannot get me tired talking about this ;)

BTW, a while ago, while working with the Suricata's project developer Peter
Manev we wrote these documents. They are slightly outdated but the basics
they describe haven't changed much.

https://github.com/pevma/SEPTun-Mark-II <- our production is based on this

There will also be a talk (shameless self-promotion mode on) on the Zeek
week where I'll present our setup in details and hopefully answer all
questions people might have.

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 12:12 PM Greg Grasmehr <greg.grasmehr at caltech.edu>

> Hello,
> I'm curious if anyone is utilizing Intel 40G NICs and PF_RING ZC and if
> you'd be willing to share your experience?  I'm interested in learning
> about which NIC you chose and how well it is working out.
> Thanks in advance for any info and Happy Friday!
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