[Zeek] zkg after CentOS zeek 3.1.1 rpm install

Greg Grasmehr greg.grasmehr at caltech.edu
Fri Apr 10 15:57:15 PDT 2020


I'm trying to use zkg to install pf_ring, I have zeek 3.1.1 source
available, and the following in the config, but it still errors with

Cannot determine Bro source directory, use --bro-dist=DIR

Having bro_dist defined in the config makes no difference

cat .zkg/config 
zeek = https://github.com/zeek/packages

state_dir = /home/zeek/.zkg
script_dir = /opt/zeek/share/zeek/site
plugin_dir = /opt/zeek/lib/zeek/plugins
zeek_dist = /tmp/zeek-3.1.1
bro_dist = /tmp/zeek-3.1.1

zkg --verbose install zeek/ntop/bro-pf_ring
The following packages will be INSTALLED:
  zeek/ntop/bro-pf_ring (master)

Proceed? [Y/n] Y
Running unit tests for "zeek/ntop/bro-pf_ring"
error: failed to run tests for zeek/ntop/bro-pf_ring: package build_command failed, see log in /home/zeek/.zkg/logs/bro-pf_ring-build.log
Proceed to install anyway? [N/y] N

cat /home/zeek/.zkg/logs/bro-pf_ring-build.log
=== STDERR ===
=== STDOUT ===
Cannot determine Bro source directory, use --bro-dist=DIR.

Thanks for any pointers.

Stay Safe,


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