[Zeek] TCP History

Greg Grasmehr greg.grasmehr at caltech.edu
Mon Jun 22 11:02:38 PDT 2020


Given that this appears to be scanning originating from Google DNS, I
just want to make sure there is no chance this is in error or maybe I am
misunderstanding what I am reading here.

Lines like this are written to a custom log on event

ts                      orig_ip  orig_port   dest_ip     dest_port   conn_state  orig_pkts dest_pkts  proto
2020-06-21T01:19:55  22979       redacted    8080        S0          2         0          tcp
2020-06-21T01:19:59  53096       redacted    8080        S0          1         0          tcp
2020-06-21T01:22:02  53096       redacted    8080        S0          2         0          tcp

Thanks in advance for any insight.


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