[ee122] Proj 2 file transfer output

Lisa Fowler fowler at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 7 01:26:54 PST 2007

On Dec 7, 2007 1:18 AM, Eric Cheung <ericcheung at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Is all we need to do is submit the .csv files or do we need to interpret
> them in our README file (e.g. point out where it's timing out, fast
> retransmitting, etc.)?

If you think that would help my interpretation, go for it.  Otherwise,
it's not necessary.

> Also, mnl_conf_4a_r.txt specifies to drop some packets that our protocol
> never sends because file4.txt is only 10000 bytes (i.e. it never sends
> over 40 packets).  Was this the intended behavior of the config file?

Ah, sorry, I'll get that fixed.  4a should be paired with a larger file.


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