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Christopher Cowart ccowart at berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 18 23:57:57 PDT 2007

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 09:57:54PM -0700, Jonathan D. Ellithorpe wrote:
> The specification says that the client can send, as the last part of a URI:
> /
> foo/
> foo/.
> foo/..
> I am wondering particularly about these dots '.' and ".."
> 1) Do 2 dots indicate a move back one directory?
> 2) If so, and if the client must already specify a full URI, why would 
> the client ever use these dots if it could easily remove as many ending 
> directories as there are dots before sending the GET request?
> 3) The maximum number of dots is 2?
> 4) Is it possible to have dots not at the end of a URI? For example: 
> /home/etc/../crazy_dots/../../home/
> 5) Does a single dot mean anything?

. and .. are both valid directory names in Unix (And actually, Windows
and DOS do the right thing here too). You'll get them for free by just 
passing them along to the library functions.

.. means the parent directory
.  means the current directory

~/./foo/../bar == ~/bar

At your shell, try `ls -a'. They're always present, just hidden.

Chris Cowart
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