[Bro-Dev] #246: (IRC::active_channels[IRC::my_c]): run-time error, no such index

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Wed Sep 29 23:12:06 PDT 2010

#246: (IRC::active_channels[IRC::my_c]): run-time error, no such index
 Reporter:  Tyler.Schoenke  |       Type:  defect           
   Status:  new             |   Priority:  Normal           
Component:  Bro             |    Version:  1.5.2-devel (svn)
 Keywords:                  |  

Comment(by hartley.87@…):

 I've seen this -- I'm not looking at it just now, but IIRC those lines
 perform a "delete" without checking the "in"ness
 of the index.  It looks like the connection is removed from active
 connections before this code is called, so it
 could be modified to do an "in"ness check before deleting to remove the
 error ... or, it could be safely ignored,
 whichever makes people happiest.  I could easily be mistaken...

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