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#545: More script reorg fallout
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Comment (by robin):

 Funny, I was just working on this stuff. I've addressed a few things, and
 collected some notes too:

 - core.load-prefixes now fails and I don't immediately see why. I
   believe that was passing before, right?

 - bare mode still loads the logging framework. Do we want that?

 - I was trying to load listen-{clear,ssl) in testing-all.bro, but that
   failed complaining that Communication::default_port_* aren't
   defined.  But it seem they should be available because the comm
   framework is pulled in as well as part of the base. Any idea?

 - There are some files in base that aren't loaded by default. A new
   test, policy.misc.init-default-coverage, shows them.

 - I think it should work to run "bro -b" and then load files from
   policy/* without having to manually pull in dependencies from
   base/*. Currrently however, when I do that I get something quite

     bro -b test-all-policy
     error in
     line 6: unknown identifier (Notice::Type)
     bro: parse.y:717: int yyparse(): Assertion `cur_enum_type' failed.

   I've added a test for it (which currently fails of course)

 - *.bif.bro install into the top-level share/bro directory. I think
   they should go into base now.

 - There are actually more broctl things going into the top-level
   share/bro, it would be nice if that directory were empty except for
   the sub-directories.

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