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#545: More script reorg fallout
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Comment (by seth):

 > I forget why exactly we implemented
 > relative path loading in the first place (!), but doing it like this
 > should mean you can move packages around as a whole without having to
 > rename dependencies.  e.g. say you want to promote a package in
 > to now live in `base/`, that should just involve a move of the

 That was the basic idea.  It was more necessary when we had the and
 optional stuff in the same directory, but it's still helpful for cases
 where a module needs to be split across multiple files internally.

 > Didn't verify, but I was looking yesterday at similar errors and there's
 > TODO in `base/frameworks/communication/__load__.bro` that was waiting on
 > the enable_communication BIF stuff; can probably be fixed now.

 Fixed in master.

 > Yeah, but I'd go further than that (one of my points above): for any
 > script anywhere in the `scripts/` tree you should be able to load it by
 > itself with `bro -b` without having to figure out and manually specify
 > dependencies.


 >> - *.bif.bro install into the top-level share/bro directory. I think
 > should go into base now.
 > I was wondering that, too.

 I think makes sense.

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