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#558: /topic/gilbert/ascii-header
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Comment (by gclark):

 Replying to [comment:7 robin]:
 > I just noticed that setting awk's FS only works inside BEGIN, not
 > later. What I was hoping to use is something like this:
 >     {{{
 >     echo -e "#separator ;\n1;2;3;4\n" | awk '/#separator/ {FS=$2} {print
 >     }}}
 > But that doesn't work unfortinately.

 Are you sure that echo statement is doing what I think you think that echo
 statement is doing?  The above does recognize / use FS when I leave -e out
 of the echo.

 Alternatively, there's always something like:

 echo `head -n 1 hdr_test.log | sed 's/^#separator\s*//'`

 which is pretty close to what I'm doing in Python; it's not especially
 efficient, but it is relatively simple.

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