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#866: Problem with set initializers
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 In [f7e07f5f097036bf80252b03e5e79408f3f243be/bro]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="bro"
 Fix various bugs with table/set attributes.

 - Identifiers that are initialized with set()/table() constructor
   expressions now inherit attributes from the expression.  Before,
   statements like

      const i: set[string] = set() &redef;

   associated the attribute with the set() constructor, but not the
   "i" identifier, preventing redefinition.  Addresses #866.

 - Allow &default attribute to apply to tables initialized as empty
   (via either "{ }" or "table()") or if the expression supplied to it
   can evaluate to a type that's promotable to the same yield type as
   the table.

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