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#891: topic/jsiwek/gridftp
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Comment (by robin):

 Good job, I like seeing the analyzer infrastructure being used as it was
 intended :)


 - The extensions to the SSL analysis store cert/chain information for all
 SSL conntections now. Could that have a significant impact on memory or

 - in {{{ftp/gridftp.bro}}}

 event ssl_established(c: connection) &priority=5
 ········# Add service label to control channels.
 ········if ( "FTP" in c$service )
 ················add c$service["gridftp"];

 Can that condition really only be true for GridFTP sessions?

 - in {{{ssl/main.bro}}}

 {{{ c$ssl = [$ts=network_time(), $uid=c$uid, $id=c$id,
 $cert_chain=vector(), $client_cert_chain=vector()]; }}}

 Is that initialization with {{{vector()}}} still needed? I thought we had
 fixed that a while ago so that containers in records get initialized to an
 empty instance?

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