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#983: Deep typing bug
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Comment (by jsiwek):

 Replying to [comment:5 vern]:
 > I've lost track - has <type> syntax already been introduced?

 No, nothing uses that right now.

 >  If not, then I'm wondering if it's the right way to go here.  You could
 imagine at least some of these more directly mirroring the declaration
 syntax, such as
 > {{{
 > vector of xyz (...)
 > }}}

 That works well for sets but looks awkward for table & vector (because the
 ctor params seem to apply to the yield type and not the container itself):

 set[TypeList](...)  # looks fine
 table[TypeList] of Type (...) # the ctor params seem to associate with
 vector of Type (...) # same thing

 Then adding in a record ctor ruins it for everybody.  If it were to be
 `record<Type>(...)`, then it's entirely different from other ctors and we
 need to add `<Type>` syntax just for that case.  If it were to be
 `record[Type](...)` or `record of Type (...)`, then it fits in with other
 ctors, but is a greater mismatch with the way records are declared.

 Any more preferences/ideas?

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