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#983: Deep typing bug
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      Type:  Problem  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  High     |  Milestone:  Bro2.2
 Component:  Bro      |    Version:  git/master
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Comment (by seth):

 > Any more preferences/ideas?
 What if we could use named types as ctors directly?

 type Foo: table[count] of string;
 global data = Foo(1 => "test");

 type Bar: record {
         a: count;
         b: string;
 global data2 = Bar($a=1,$b="test");

 I can see how that could be a little confusing, but at least the parser
 could pick up on mis-use of types automatically and it's very clean to
 read although it does expand on the existing potential confusion between
 type ctors and functions.

 The one thing I do really like about this is that I feel like a lot of the
 current Bro auto typing magic (that fails in many situations) would

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