[Bro-Dev] $history extensions - zero windows, logarithmic counts

Vern Paxson vern at corelight.com
Fri Jun 15 10:41:40 PDT 2018

I'm working on two enhancements to the $history tracking for connections
that thought I'd tee them up for comments.

(1) A new history element, 'W'/'w', which means that a TCP receiver
    advertised a zero window, indicating that the corresponding process
    was unable to keep up with the incoming data.  (This element is omitted
    in cases where zero windows aren't problematic: initial SYNs, and after
    FINs or RSTs.)

(2) A notion of "logarithmic counts" for history events: for certain
    events ('C' = checksum, 'T' = retransmission, and 'W' = zero window)
    the count is repeated on the 10th/100th/1000th/etc. occurrence.  So a
    history value of 'ttt' means that the responder sent somewhere between
    100 and 999 retransmissions.  This is useful because for large
    connections, a single checksum error, retransmission, or zero window
    is much less significant for analyzing performance issues than a whole
    bunch of these.



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