[Bro-Dev] "bro" name is non-inclusive? (Contribution is rejected based )

Vitaly Repin vitaly.r at seed4.me
Thu Mar 8 22:03:34 PST 2018


I would like to bring your attention to one strange and extremely
unexpected difficulty I faced
while trying to include user agent parser for bro I have developed (plugin:
https://github.com/vitalyrepin/uap-bro ) into the list of uap
implementations https://github.com/ua-parser

The request I have made has been rejected:

The reason:

/quote begin/

While I understand that you're not responsible for the unfortunate name of
the Bro language, and while it might be that the name references an
Orwellian "Big Brother" more than it refers to bro culture, I still can't
get behind including or linking to a project in a language that has such a
non-inclusive name.

That obviously sucks for the effort you've put into this project, and sucks
for Bro users that won't be able to find easily. But overall, it sucks even
more for women who feel excluded from programming because of such poor
naming choices.

Of course, I’ll happily include your project if the programming language
changes name.
/quote end/

It sounded very weird for me originally. But I have googled for "bro" and
"non inclusive" and found this discussion:

Have anybody faced this problem before? Has it been discussed in any way in
the bro community?

I think it might be a good idea to have at least an article with
explanation of the origins of the "bro" name and the stand towards
inclusiveness. (Not sure it will help with ua-parser project, however).

P.S. Sorry for the partial mail sent  a couple of minutes ago.
WBR & WBW, Vitaly
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