[Zeek-Dev] Zeek Supervisor Command-Line Client

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Thu Jun 18 13:34:14 PDT 2020

>> Suggestion: `zeekcl`, Zeek (Command-Line) CLlient.
> "zeekcl" is very close to "zeekctl", which could lead to confusion.
> "zcl" maybe?
>> Is use of Python still desirable for other reasons?  Otherwise, I 
>> lean
>> towards `zeekcl` being C++.
> No particular preference from my side, I can see either. Effort is
> probably about the same in this model, and C++ does have the advantage
> of less dependency issues.

I agree - I actually kind of like the idea that zeekcl does not have 
python as a dependency.

>> I plan to have `zeekcl` code/tests live inside the main Zeek repo.
> Makes sense to me as well.

Agreed here too.


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