config empty lists

Vern Paxson vern at
Thu Sep 17 20:01:07 PDT 1998

[back from travel and now catching up on email]

> In the runtime configs, fresh out of the tarball, there are several
> lists (eg, const ``NFS_world_servers = { ... }'' in portmapper.bro)
> that I don't wish to have any elements.  I may eventually want to 
> use these, as I grow more experienced with BRO and want to refine 
> my usage of it, but at the moment, I have no use for this list.  
> By removing the elements, and leaving an empty ``{ }'' (in perl-
> style), I see messages like ``error: parse error, at or near "}"'' .
> Is my only alternative to remove all references to this list in 
> the files? 

You can change the definitions to:

	global NFS_world_servers: addr;

You need to give a type since previously Bro was inferring it from the
initialization list, but without any initializers it can't do this; and you
need to make it "global" because Bro is unhappy with a "const" that's not
initialized (I should probably change this).


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