[Bro] String whitespace strip method

Martin Casado casado at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Aug 8 14:55:55 PDT 2005

I've written a simple method for stripping whitespace from the begining 
and end of strings
(same thing as python's strip() or java's trim()).

It has come in pretty useful for application level string handling.  
Would it be possible to
add it to the code base?

Also, is there any plan to modulerize the builtins? (e.g. at load 
builtins.string), as the project
grows, bro.bif is going to get (further) out of control. 

thanks :)

function strip%(str: string%): string
        const char* s = str->CheckString();

        int n = strlen(s) + 1;
        char* strip_s = new char[n];

        { s++; }
        strncpy(strip_s, s, n);

        s = strip_s;
        char* e = (char*)(s + (strlen(s) - 1));

        { e--; }
        *(e+1) = 0;
        return new StringVal(new BroString(1, byte_vec(s), (e-s)+1));

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