[Netalyzr] [Net-sec-staff] [trouble svn] trouble - r4255 - in projects/isp_probe_rc: applet http_server

Christian Kreibich christian at icir.org
Mon Jun 15 14:04:08 PDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 09:27 -0700, nweaver at icir.org wrote:
> Log:
> Raw HTTP tests now fail gracefully:
> WHen the checkLowHTTP fails, its reported as "mandatory proxy" in the
> results, and the other low level HTTP tests are not executed.
> Example of reporting for this:
> http://debug.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/summary/id=c096bb3d-10542-552b1f75-66ac-4796-8c5f

Remind me why we are doing the filetype tests using the low-level API? I
can't think of a reason right now why we shouldn't use the high-level
API here.

Also, I just checked the code and we're neither using the session ID in
the URLs of these tests, nor are we setting any cache-busting headers in
request or response. We should add a new server-side command for these
tests that handles this nicely.


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